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Let me take care of your blanket cleaning and waterproofing needs!  

I treat your blankets as if they were my own. Each blanket is hand-scrubbed (inside and out) to remove dirt, and velcro is cleaned with a wire slicker brush.  Turnouts (waterproofed) are washed in Nikwax Rug Wash.  Blankets (not waterproofed) are washed in Tide-Free detergent.  After washing, I run a soap-free, full wash cycle to make sure all of the soap is gone for both turnouts and blankets. 


I use wash-in Nikwax Rug Proof waterproofing - single or double proofing is available.  I also apply a water-proof spray before air-drying.  Blankets and turnouts are returned to you in zip-around vinyl blanket bags. 



Repairs are available, billed at cost plus a drop-off/pick-up fee to cover time and mileage.  The drop-off/pick-up fee is per item and based on the total number of items from all customers.  As of 01-Jul, the fee is $4.44/item plus the cost of repairs.  As more items require repairs, this cost will decrease. 


Unfortunately, I cannot provide firm estimates for repairs in advance, just my best judgement from previous years.  I have, however, found the costs to be quite reasonable, and the quality of repair outstanding. 


Items requiring repairs will be held until the end of the blanket-washing season (October) as I will make one repair trip.  Please contact me with questions.  


Price List
Service My Price Compare at
Turnout: Wash and Double Proof $60.00 $65.50 - $69.75
Turnout: Wash and Single Proof $45.00

$48.50 - $52.75

Blanket: Wash only $27.50 $31.50 - $35.75
Hood: Washed / Proofed with Turnout $9.00  
Load of 3 hoods: Same as Turnout price    
Load of 2 hoods: Wash and Double Proof $50.00  
Load of 2 hoods: Wash and Single Proof $37.50  
Load of 2 hoods: Wash only $25.00  

Every effort will be made to wash your hoods with your sheets to save you money. 


Please Note: 

Laundry services are not available for Amigo Mio blankets, Tough-1 insulated blankets, and wool coolers. Wool coolers will shrink in the wash; I recommend dry-cleaning them.  


Some turnouts, especially those with intricate weaves to prevent rips are extra-hard to scrub clean.  If your turnouts are exceptionally dirty, they may require an extra full-scrub at a cost of $9.00.


Waterproofing services are aimed at maintaining the waterproofing.  Age, coupled with exposure to mud, manure, urine, and the sun will degrade the waterproofing.  If a turnout is no longer waterproof, the waterproofing services offered will not restore it.  


Please use the Contact Us page for inquiries, or to reserve your weeks.


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