Handmade, magically-soft treats your pony will dream about


The Sugarplum Pony Bakery has suspended operations. 


We thank all of our loyal customers for their support and patronage.  


What makes our treats so special?  


Our treats are handmade in our own kitchen, and contain oats, molasses, wheat, flax, barley, corn, and water.  All ingredients, except for the oats, are human-grade.  


We recommend storing your treats out of direct sunlight in a dry, temperate (not too hot, not too cold) location.  Keep the container closed to maintain their soft consistency.  Over time they may dry out a little but can be quickly and easily refreshed by popping them in the microwave for about 10 seconds. 


Our treats are larger than the average horse treat but because they are soft, they can easily be broken in half (or smaller) before feeding. Their soft, non-sticky consistency makes them ideal for hiding pills.  To create a pill pocket, simply break one in half and re-form it around the pill.  


They are available in in 3-count (1/4 lb), 6-count (1/2 lb) and 12-count (1-lb) packages.  Use the "How to Order" button below for prices and ordering information.



They're also great for hiding pills!

Horse blanket washing services available



We're happy to work with you on special requests



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