How to Buy

Our treats are available in three different sizes: 3-count in a colorful cellophane bag (1/4 lb), and 6-count (1/2 lb) and 12-count (1 lb) packaged in bakery containers to look like real sugarplums! 

Zipper-top bags for 12-count (1 lb) and 24-count (2lb) subscriptions are also available.  


We offer standard Sugarplum and seasonal packaging. 


Delivery Service 

We offer complimentary delivery service  to boarders and riders at farms in the Bedminster/Califon area of New Jersey


Prices (NJ sales tax not included):

12-count (1 lb) - $8.50

6-count (1/2 lb) - $4.50

3-count (1/4 lb) - $2.90


Minimum order of 2 lb required for delivery

Shipping Service

We offer three, flat-rate shipping options; 2x12-count packages (2 lb), a 4 lb economy package containing 2x24-count zipper-top plastic bags, and a 6 lb super economy package containing 3x24-count zipper-top bags.  



2x12-count (2 lb) - $17.00 + $15.00 flat-rate shipping

2x24-count (4 lb) economy - $34.00 + $18.00 flat-rate shipping

3x24-count (6 lb) super economy - $51.00 + $20.00 flat-rate shipping


Use the "Contact Us" form for special orders, we will be happy to assist you! 


Place your order and take advantage of our special, introductory pricing by clicking on one of the links below:


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